July 23, 2008

It wasn't rainy when I began...

I love these rubber boots.

I love tromping around the yard in them, my bare toes wiggling inside. Regardless of red clay smush or 'gifts' from this dog, I can imagine I'm a prairie princess, a full skirt whipping against the wind. Or a cowgirl, whose boots would've seen far more mucky stalls than these ever have. Yet, anyway.

These spent their hardest hours stuffed with so many layers of socks that my sister or I (whichever had the privilege of wearing Mama's boots out into the snow) could barely walk.


How nice that my feet grew up size 6! (Of course, that is, as I said, sans socks.)

I...haven't experimented much with the self-timer on our camera. The first few attempts were off focus, so for this one the boots got set up and angled on. Good? Good! Press the button....beep, beep , beeeeeeeep. Run, jump into boots. Boots fall over, have half a boot on while wrestling with the other. Beeeeeep! That was close. So glad the neighbors are on summer vacation and didn't have to be exposed to such antics!

You however?

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