October 22, 2009

New Journal

The new journal I bought at E. Shavers in Savannah. 

Isn't it the most decadently beautiful thing you've ever seen? 
And it feels so soft! I still haven't brought myself to write in it yet. A journal like this deserves great thoughts (and a good pen). 

Dear God, please bless me with great thoughts (and a good pen)?

Beach Sketchbook

I ran out of journal pretty quickly this trip and had to turn to my little "just-in-case" folded stack of watercolor paper. (About 3"x5")

I got to paint this en plein air, sitting on warm, soft sand under a fiercely brilliant sun. It was so much fun playing 'artiste' and the colors came out just right. Those squiggly things on the right are boats...

Sunsets are really rather too presumptuous for me to try yet...

And last but not least, The Depressed Pelican. I love pelicans. This one has a newsprint sea, because truthfully that's what it looked like just then!

I kind of enjoy keeping these mini journals on vacations...the one from the Blueberry Cottage still makes me happy. The simplicity of them is so easy and un-overwhelming. I can dab and doodle all I like without feeling guilty about it - but the next one needs more pages!

October 18, 2009

About the Pirates...

We happened to be in Tybee for the annual PirateFest, so we pulled together some costumes to go to the parade in. Not bad for straight-out-of-the-suitcase deals, huh?

And since we stole the dogs' bandannas, we gave them piratey names instead:
SeaBeagle, Beatrice Queen of the Western Main and ScurvyDog.

ScurvyDog knows how to say "ARRrrgh!"

Beach Houses and Cobblestones

We've been away at the beach. 
It turns out that Tybee Island, Georgia is a very nice place to be the first few weeks of autumn! The weather was gorgeous, the housing adorable (big shout-out to Mermaid Cottages here!), the water warm, the pirates friendly (yes, pirates), the food yummy, the side-trips to Savannah glamorous...We even saw a little of The Conspirator being filmed! Robert Redford, James McAvoy and crew were inside the house shooting, so we didn't see them. Lots of fun anyway.

I spent more time behind a novel or a sketchbook than the camera. Go to Laura's blog to see some pretty pictures from our trip! Shucks, even this one was just me jabbing Laura and saying "Take a picture of our feet!" Because sisters in purple shoes deserve to have their picture taken with Savannah cobblestones.

Maybe next time I'll blog as we go and take y'all along with me. Provided there are no decadently warm mornings for biking, dolphins playing at sunset to watch or seashells perfectly pierced for beads to gather....


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