April 30, 2009


100 pages of script, written. 
100 pages of very poor script, written.
1 futuristic world, created.
1 plot, lost.
6 characters fed to dinosaurs, check.

Okay, for my first sci-fi/fantasy, it was fun! In my world, where culture has returned to a Victorian standard, Earth has been devoted entirely to agriculture (a new mega-power), while humankind has been relocated to the planets. Karaoke is illegal and wine ages ten times as fast on the faster-than-the-speed-of-light interplant highways.  :)

April 28, 2009

Miss Eliza Jane Dolittle

I posted about our latest foster puppy over at SunnySpot Inn, if you want to read a little  about her! 

(We've been beefing her up and giving her beauty treatments to get over a skin condition. Question: do you think she's cute enough to go to an Adopt-a-Thon this weekend? LOL...she looks so uncharacteristically serious here!)

{photo - my fantastic sis, ActuallyLaura}

April 26, 2009

Fashion Love

Playing with Polyvore can be dangerous.

You might fall in love with cute clothes that are just your style - a mix of vintage, artsy and classic - but the company is in Korea. Is that why I've never heard of YesStyle before? I'm in love with their sweet and feminine photoshoots!

Will definitely, no bones about it, be copying some of these ideas for my own. Grrr....if I could only sew!
Okay, you can tell me to stop right-click saving now.

By the by...if you find yourself in need of a pretty picnic dress or Swanki hat to go with your outfit, check out the giveaways at www.grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com!  (I'm crossing my fingers for the hat.)

April 20, 2009

Spring at the Arboretum

Solomon's Seal
Columbine unfurling.
I'm in love with this so-very-fragrant viburnum.

One of the coolest things about Master Gardeners is the field trips, even just around town. Last week, we went to the Arboretum in Asheville, this week to the parks downtown. Rainy both times, but that's the loveliest time in a garden....

April 19, 2009

Happy Spring

It's a soft rainy spring day here in the neighborhood and baby kisses rock.

Why don't we celebrate by entering Grograin's Pleated Petal Tank Anthropolofication Giveaway? (Pictured above.)

April 14, 2009



{from absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com}

I have 418, er, 419 notes in my Google Notebook's inspiration folder! 

(That's where I stash all my favorite pics & ideas from blogs on gardens, crafting, fashion, home decor....)

I'd say someone needs to clean house!

Where do you keep your online goodies? How do you keep the credits straight?

Another World

We went letterboxing this weekend. I love letterboxing - it's always an adventure. You never know what you'll find. Sunstruck layers of age-old granite...

Mossy trunks tucked in with mossy stones laid in shambles.... 

Cascades of galax, still tinged with purple from the cold...

The hike was more than we bargained for. (Muddy 45* slopes, anyone?) 

But the waterfalls made it well worthwhile. Their grandeur dwarfed the evergreens - it was like we had suddenly stepped into Colorado or Wyoming, but no, this beauty is our neighbor! Gorged on a weeks worth of rain water, the noise was enormous, reverberating Psalms in my soul. "Deep calling unto deep."  "...the waters clapped their hands in praise."

Then after all that, we didn't find our letterbox. Oh well. We'll try again later - when the rhododendron is in bloom. 

And this time we'll wear boots.

April 13, 2009

A New Lump

Our family keeps Passover...

Not because we were born to it...

(Unless by being adopted in).
Some people become confused...

... saying it isn't Christian.

But could anything be more so?

And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, 
This is my body, which is given for you: 
this do in remembrance of me.
- Luke 22:19

April 8, 2009

Everything is a Process

Try your hardest 
to furnish your FAITH with 
goodness with 
knowledge with 
self-control with 
perseverance with 
godliness with 
and brotherly affection with 

2 PETER 1:5

(I'm working on making a little 'plaque' of this verse for my room. It is always an encouragement!)

April 7, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Wait, that's the wrong season! Nope. It's April in the Carolinas. How does there always happen to be a big freeze, just as the second flush of green comes up? It's snowing now, just a light constant flurry that I hope doesn't get to my baby forsythia. 

However I may despise the crushing of wisteria buds by frost, this weather is making me feel less guilty. My green thumbs (that really lean more towards violet) have been cowering in shame over the scramble of empty pots and lonely soil outside. I must have been subconsciously prepared for this winter-esqe weather, yes. Of course yes.

Now I find myself in a giddy readiness to be decorating inside and out. Ideas have settled in my head and seem positively possible.

Join with me, procrastinators! Raise your trowel, your brush, your unbelievably delicious flower catalogs and toast to the possible!

Image from CountryLiving - this article, which I am dying to replicate. How dare the latest issue be so good!

April 6, 2009

In The Shop

I should be posting. 

But I should also be fixing dinner.

Dinner wins.

Have I showed you what's in the shop these days? They've been up for a while...working on some new paperdolls this weekend reminded me.

One is a really cute retro/indie top pattern that I got in an estate sale  box, but alas, is the wrong size for me! Embroidery and embellishments on blouses always get to me. It's from the Marlo Thomas collection, which kind of tickles my funny bone.  I wish it were xxsmall - Laura is such a That Girl! 

The puppy card was a pet project of mine.  I really expected someone to take it home by now! It was lots of fun to make. :)

REMEMBER: There's nothing I like more than custom orders. Right now I'm on a pet portrait streak. Anyone need their very own pup in watercolor? Send me a photo!

April 1, 2009


(This was taken back when he was still in shelter-shock and his dad-beagle was doing all the talking.)

My life has been taken over by a 14ish pound puppy who decided to get some morals at 4 in the morning (then he decides that maybe being crate-trained is a good thing after all!) and is now squirming in my arms, making typing quite a chore, let alone sane posting. He's been fed three times already today - what now?

Cash Puppy: Play with meeeeee!
Sara Slave: Okay, puppy.

(Hehe! There -I've written a script!)

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