April 1, 2009


(This was taken back when he was still in shelter-shock and his dad-beagle was doing all the talking.)

My life has been taken over by a 14ish pound puppy who decided to get some morals at 4 in the morning (then he decides that maybe being crate-trained is a good thing after all!) and is now squirming in my arms, making typing quite a chore, let alone sane posting. He's been fed three times already today - what now?

Cash Puppy: Play with meeeeee!
Sara Slave: Okay, puppy.

(Hehe! There -I've written a script!)

1 comment:

~Barb~ said...

Why yes, darlin'...you've won something. Tee hee! You did send me your address to my email, didn't you?

And what a precious little Beagle baby boy you have there. He's so cute.

Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥


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