April 7, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Wait, that's the wrong season! Nope. It's April in the Carolinas. How does there always happen to be a big freeze, just as the second flush of green comes up? It's snowing now, just a light constant flurry that I hope doesn't get to my baby forsythia. 

However I may despise the crushing of wisteria buds by frost, this weather is making me feel less guilty. My green thumbs (that really lean more towards violet) have been cowering in shame over the scramble of empty pots and lonely soil outside. I must have been subconsciously prepared for this winter-esqe weather, yes. Of course yes.

Now I find myself in a giddy readiness to be decorating inside and out. Ideas have settled in my head and seem positively possible.

Join with me, procrastinators! Raise your trowel, your brush, your unbelievably delicious flower catalogs and toast to the possible!

Image from CountryLiving - this article, which I am dying to replicate. How dare the latest issue be so good!

1 comment:

Reborn said...

Love, love, LOVE the garden pic!!! That sort of garden would be perfect for my tiny suburban backyard. *sigh* If yours looks like that in a few montsh, will you please invite me over for afternoon tea? :)

Thanks so much for your funny comments on my blog. They made me smile! I don't think I will take you up on your doggie offer quite yet... I have a "thing" about animal hair on furniture, clothes, etc., and the hairless pups look like rats.


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