April 6, 2009

In The Shop

I should be posting. 

But I should also be fixing dinner.

Dinner wins.

Have I showed you what's in the shop these days? They've been up for a while...working on some new paperdolls this weekend reminded me.

One is a really cute retro/indie top pattern that I got in an estate sale  box, but alas, is the wrong size for me! Embroidery and embellishments on blouses always get to me. It's from the Marlo Thomas collection, which kind of tickles my funny bone.  I wish it were xxsmall - Laura is such a That Girl! 

The puppy card was a pet project of mine.  I really expected someone to take it home by now! It was lots of fun to make. :)

REMEMBER: There's nothing I like more than custom orders. Right now I'm on a pet portrait streak. Anyone need their very own pup in watercolor? Send me a photo!

1 comment:

Reborn said...

The greeting card is SO cute!


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