December 31, 2008

Hi There, 2009!

(I got a new journal/planner/sketchbook - and a new skirt!!)

Also, you may have noticed the delicious new layout that my sister gave me. Isn't it lovely?? I wasn't allowed to have a sneak peak - it was all surprise. Ah, she knows me so well! It's up to me to get the sidebars all filled in again. That shouldn't take very long.

As if that were not enough, my socks were knocked off to open this VERY unexpected present. May I tell you how many months we three, my mother, my sister and me, have been drooling over Alicia Paulson, aka PosieGetsCozy's book: Stitched In Time.  

Oy, it's lovely! And has inspired a few things, which you'll see later...

Happy New Year!

December 30, 2008

Once Upon A Happy Hanukkah

So many blog posts in my many pictures taken throughout the week. Must say two things: a) SavingDinner's braised red cabbage is oh-s0-good (and easy and colorful and healthy! What could be better?) b) I think my menorah is just about the prettiest thing ever. 

Again therefore Jesus spake unto them, saying, 
I am the light of the world: 
he that followeth me 
shall not walk in the darkness, 
but shall have the light of life.
{John 8:12 ASV}

December 24, 2008

To Laura:

(image from here)

Wishing a happy birthday to the greatest little sister in the whole wide world! Oh, how you are loved!!! Can I hug you just one more time before the day is out?

December 22, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

But I'm toasty and warm by the home fire, my fingers busy with last minute gifts (that ActuallyLaura gal has got a birthday coming up!), tunes on low (gracious, Marty Goetz's 'Exodus' is beautiful!) and a luscious pile of Hanukkah chocolate within arms length. You'll forgive me if I'm a little distracted, yes? Be back soon! 

December 17, 2008

This Doll Named!

Hello everyone! Thank you for all your beautiful and inventive suggestions for this paperdoll's christening. I took them in hand this morning with a good old-fashioned "Eeny meenie, minie moe" and the winning name is...
(Which I think is just about perfect and I didn't skew the results-honest!) Emily would like to thank Barb from Art-Therapy for this lovely name and is sending her lots of kisses. Did you get them, Barb? Muah!

I'll let y'all know when I get her into a cozy little etsy shop. Scary stuff, that! It might be a little while, as I'm still in SC. There's also a baby doll and a 70's inspired gal on the way, so...keep your thinking caps out where you can get to them! (If you want, of course...)

Presto, Chango!

Ask my niece. Sometimes it's nice to have an aunt who knits.

Like when your Aeropostle sweater suffers a terrible disaster and one whole sleeve is ravelling off, rendering the thing completely unwearable. (Forgive the self-photography!)

Rip, seam, frog, knit, purl, knit.... (I love frogging. It just sounds so funny!)

And this is what you've got!

Easy-peasy sweater to sweater vest transformation complete. Sank you, sank you....

Since I haven't done much in the way of picking up stitches, the arm openings are a little tight. However, I think the result flatters me better anyway. Hehe! Is it a bad seamstress who tries to talk her clients into lettting her keep the clothes? ;) I'll be keeping an eye out now for thrift store sweaters in similar condition. Shucks, I should've done a tutorial! Well, we learn, right?

December 15, 2008

Soul Journaling pt 5

(An unprompted page inspired by my first time at the polls. There was a cat there!)

(Misfits. Mine are decidedly unscary. Which is less so: the hula dancing circus seal or the unicycling rooster?)

(Prompted self portrait. For a finger painting, I think it's pretty swell! Well...reasonably so. When did I get a beauty mark??)

(Table of Contents collage page - [yes, I'm awesome like that.] Very uninspired, except for the Pocket made with Laura's quilting scraps and some masking tape! I LOVE it and intend to make similar ones in the fronts of all my future journals. I'm always sticking receipts and clippings, etc. inside - now they have a home and will not fall out whenever I build up the courage to write in public!)
And that's the end of that. I'm not sure where my next journal is going...we'll see!

December 14, 2008

Can You Spot The Chameleon?

Still out of state. Busy, busy, busy! Another portion of my little nephew's wall has been adorned though, this time the design being entirely original and painted by myself and my talented niece.

December 5, 2008

Orange and Green and Bunnies, oh my!

I'm out of state for the day, so you're getting a filler post here. Nevertheless, may I say how happy just looking at all the things on my etsy favorites makes me? Gathered for this project and that party or just because they were just too darn pretty to lose track of.... Yet look at how all the colors go together! They must be my favorites or something. ;) (And yes, they are mostly expired. I'm a window shopper. :)

Do your etsy favorites show your personality too?

December 3, 2008

Name This Doll!

She's smart, fun, and fashionable, with a love of the great outdoors. I don't think she's all that fond of the winter though...judging by the look on her face. Maybe a pretty name would cheer her up? Soooo.... NAME THIS DOLL! Enter two or three or four of your favorite names for this young lady in a comment. In a few days, I'll do a drawing and announce her new title. (Any one else getting Snow White vibes?)
Outfit 1: red patent headband, pencil, lacy t-neck, tweed jumper, vintage cameo, red tights and teal boots

Outfit 2: gold ribbon with feather-flower accessory, black dress with lace overlay, fringed gold throw, gold purse, gold ballet flats

Outfit 3: earmuffs, harlequin patterned scarf, striped sweater, green down jacket, pleated wool trousers, pink Uggs 

And keep watching, because Miss ____ is going to be the first in my new etsy shop!

December 2, 2008

Something to be grateful for

Grandaddy, nearly 97, Blake, 10 weeks

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