December 31, 2008

Hi There, 2009!

(I got a new journal/planner/sketchbook - and a new skirt!!)

Also, you may have noticed the delicious new layout that my sister gave me. Isn't it lovely?? I wasn't allowed to have a sneak peak - it was all surprise. Ah, she knows me so well! It's up to me to get the sidebars all filled in again. That shouldn't take very long.

As if that were not enough, my socks were knocked off to open this VERY unexpected present. May I tell you how many months we three, my mother, my sister and me, have been drooling over Alicia Paulson, aka PosieGetsCozy's book: Stitched In Time.  

Oy, it's lovely! And has inspired a few things, which you'll see later...

Happy New Year!

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