December 3, 2008

Name This Doll!

She's smart, fun, and fashionable, with a love of the great outdoors. I don't think she's all that fond of the winter though...judging by the look on her face. Maybe a pretty name would cheer her up? Soooo.... NAME THIS DOLL! Enter two or three or four of your favorite names for this young lady in a comment. In a few days, I'll do a drawing and announce her new title. (Any one else getting Snow White vibes?)
Outfit 1: red patent headband, pencil, lacy t-neck, tweed jumper, vintage cameo, red tights and teal boots

Outfit 2: gold ribbon with feather-flower accessory, black dress with lace overlay, fringed gold throw, gold purse, gold ballet flats

Outfit 3: earmuffs, harlequin patterned scarf, striped sweater, green down jacket, pleated wool trousers, pink Uggs 

And keep watching, because Miss ____ is going to be the first in my new etsy shop!


Chantel said...

Adorable! I'm voting for Lolly. Because she's so cute, but trying to be so very proper.

Laura said...

Millie Rosa.
Molly Lu.
Elsie May.

~Barb~ said...

Oh my...I have a naming fetish...I love naming things (babies, pets, dolls, paintings...I even name my cars!) so this is right up my ally. YAY!

Okay, my thinking cap is on....

She looks like an Emily, Beatrice or an Abigail...or if you're going for something more funky (although she does NOT look like a funky girl to me, she's much more prim and proper than that but...) Coco is really cute.

She's beautiful, btw.

Peace & Love,


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