December 17, 2008

This Doll Named!

Hello everyone! Thank you for all your beautiful and inventive suggestions for this paperdoll's christening. I took them in hand this morning with a good old-fashioned "Eeny meenie, minie moe" and the winning name is...
(Which I think is just about perfect and I didn't skew the results-honest!) Emily would like to thank Barb from Art-Therapy for this lovely name and is sending her lots of kisses. Did you get them, Barb? Muah!

I'll let y'all know when I get her into a cozy little etsy shop. Scary stuff, that! It might be a little while, as I'm still in SC. There's also a baby doll and a 70's inspired gal on the way, so...keep your thinking caps out where you can get to them! (If you want, of course...)


Laura said...

But I'm Moe. ;) You should know that Mini.

~Barb~ said...

I love it! I just knew she looked like an Emily!

*muah* back atcha!

Peace & Love,


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