December 27, 2009

This Week...

Actually Laura and I will be taking our very first plane trip to go to a dear friend's wedding!

Say a prayer?

December 23, 2009

Wilson's Sweater (And a Bowtie)

{Inspired by Bentley's sweater...}

Wilson's new sweater is made from the sleeve of a felted sweater from the thrift store. The shoulder folds around his neck like a shawl collar. A section cut from the other sleeve makes the strap around his underbelly (edges covered with an overlock stitch). 

He liked it the minute the sweater came out of the scrap basket! 

Which is good...because the bowtie I was making him...didn't really show with all his fluff.

So the girls can have it.

They don't look all too thrilled about it, do they?

These canine fashions may be a bit silly, but after working on them, I am feeling much more confident that I can sew and make things fit. Maybe next, something for human proportions?

December 20, 2009

Judy Wears a Cape

To tickle Mama's fancy, I made a little cape for her Judy-dog. (Inspired by the ones from bugduds on Etsy) It took me a while to figure out the right curves for a pattern...consisting mostly of quite a few versions of newspaper and tissue paper shapes pinned around a very patient little dog's neck. Read "patient" as half asleep. Judy dogs need their beauty rest. After the fitting, she perked up and tried her very best to help, pulling out scraps and running away with the ruler. Finally, once the ruler was returned, a pattern was born, the fabrics picked and even the collar attached without too much of a to-do. I was worried about the collar...those were new for me and I could not find a tutorial or instructions online.
     So a....what do they call a draft in sewing? A proof? A 'muslin'? One of those was called for. There was some faded vintage nursery rhyme fabric in the stash downstairs that would suit just right. Whew! The seam allowances that I left were far too large! How nice to have a Bebe dog just a little bit bigger! 

Over a green knit sweater and tied with a blue grosgrain ribbon (with fashionably inconvenient length), Bebe models the Nursery Rhyme Cape.

With much smaller seam allowances, Judy wears her semi-reversible cape with a button and loop fastening over a red cable turtleneck sweater for warmth. 

And just in time. The next day....

...brought the biggest snow we've seen in a long time! 

December 17, 2009

Bit #5 - Lots of Purple Going On

My free kit (from a local group) for Project Linus was a really simple one this year.

Just purple on one side. Green on the other.

Stitched up like a big pillowcase and tied with green floss.

December 15, 2009

Bit #4 - Baby Blossom Hats

I can post this now since both hats have been recieved at their respective destinations.

This is the free pattern: Clochette. (Bless you, Knitting Pattern Central!)

(Bebe wasn't a lot of help on this photoshoot. She prefers to stay cuddled in her blankets....)

There was a video on Etsy's Storque that suggested sewing sheets of pretty paper over recycled mailing envelopes. It worked pretty well and everything got to where it was supposed to, so I guess that the post office didn't complain too much! The illustrations are from a salvaged nursery rhyme book. I love these old colors and lines...don't you?

These little blossoms remind me of Campanula flowers and were a real delight to make. (This was my first time knitting small, separate forms - like these leaves. Very fun!) The petals were a little...floppier than the picture had led me to expect. Maybe because I haven't mastered the art of weaving in ends yet. Hmm... Must knit more - to practice!

Kisses to the babies to whom they now belong!

December 6, 2009

Bit #3 - Bathroom Window Makeover

Soooo....the ratty old blinds in our bathroom have been broken for a long time. Since this picture was taken, one of the lift cords shredded, rendering the whole thing lopsided if you wanted to let any light in at all. We looked around for a replacement, but the hardware store always seemed out of the right size or style, so we lived with it. 

Then I spotted this tutorial and figured "what do we have to lose"? It looked easy enough to turn our grimy, tattered blinds into a beautiful Roman Shade....

Sure, it calls for an existing lift cord, but threading a bit of yarn (yes yarn...) through the header was not TOO hard. Pulling up diagrams for the repair work made me feel like a little grease monkey! In a very, very...small, blind-repair sort of way.... sorta. We had some muslin in the stash and a new bottle of fabric glue in the drawer. A fancy new shade was done zipzipzip! (Note: fabric glue is aaaawwwwwessome.)

My triumph was short-lived. The lift cord snapped. Again. We are blaming it on some faulty rollers in the heading. 

Still, with the help of a spare piece of muslin, the desired Roman Shade was transformed into a dainty sort of ribbed valance. SO MUCH BETTER! (Excuse the cluttered toilet top - I was deciding between the wider tie or two narrow lace ones... Also - that tiny picture on the ribbon is one of my travel journals! Easy, huh?)

December 1, 2009

Bit #2

Brussel sprouts are love.

To look at anyway.

And then when all the little sprouts are snapped off, the most marvelous pattern is left on the stalk! Kind of like a vintage modern wallpaper print.

Bit #1 ~ Watercolor Packing List

Whew! So Nanowrimo is over.... Writing 50K aside, November was a pretty creative month at our house and now is the time to share bits of it here (in no particular order).

Laura and I are going to a dear friend's wedding at the end of the month. I'm trying to figure out what to pack... (And what will fit in a carry-on!)

Doodling things out can be such a big help sometimes, don't you agree?

(NOTE: totally in love with!)

November 14, 2009

The Words Keep Coming

There are several blog posts floating about in my head, but my fingers are rather busy plotting a tale without me, so you'll have to excuse the lack of updates. 

  • I-pod covers
  • Knit baby hats
  • Project Linus quilts
  • Altered book beginnings
  • Lots of pencil sketches

(P.S. That is 'mummy' as in the endearment for British mothers, not an embalmed Egyptian artifact. My story is veering into odd directions this November, but that is not one of them!)

November 1, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009

I'm writing a novel this November. 
Are you?

October 22, 2009

New Journal

The new journal I bought at E. Shavers in Savannah. 

Isn't it the most decadently beautiful thing you've ever seen? 
And it feels so soft! I still haven't brought myself to write in it yet. A journal like this deserves great thoughts (and a good pen). 

Dear God, please bless me with great thoughts (and a good pen)?

Beach Sketchbook

I ran out of journal pretty quickly this trip and had to turn to my little "just-in-case" folded stack of watercolor paper. (About 3"x5")

I got to paint this en plein air, sitting on warm, soft sand under a fiercely brilliant sun. It was so much fun playing 'artiste' and the colors came out just right. Those squiggly things on the right are boats...

Sunsets are really rather too presumptuous for me to try yet...

And last but not least, The Depressed Pelican. I love pelicans. This one has a newsprint sea, because truthfully that's what it looked like just then!

I kind of enjoy keeping these mini journals on vacations...the one from the Blueberry Cottage still makes me happy. The simplicity of them is so easy and un-overwhelming. I can dab and doodle all I like without feeling guilty about it - but the next one needs more pages!

October 18, 2009

About the Pirates...

We happened to be in Tybee for the annual PirateFest, so we pulled together some costumes to go to the parade in. Not bad for straight-out-of-the-suitcase deals, huh?

And since we stole the dogs' bandannas, we gave them piratey names instead:
SeaBeagle, Beatrice Queen of the Western Main and ScurvyDog.

ScurvyDog knows how to say "ARRrrgh!"

Beach Houses and Cobblestones

We've been away at the beach. 
It turns out that Tybee Island, Georgia is a very nice place to be the first few weeks of autumn! The weather was gorgeous, the housing adorable (big shout-out to Mermaid Cottages here!), the water warm, the pirates friendly (yes, pirates), the food yummy, the side-trips to Savannah glamorous...We even saw a little of The Conspirator being filmed! Robert Redford, James McAvoy and crew were inside the house shooting, so we didn't see them. Lots of fun anyway.

I spent more time behind a novel or a sketchbook than the camera. Go to Laura's blog to see some pretty pictures from our trip! Shucks, even this one was just me jabbing Laura and saying "Take a picture of our feet!" Because sisters in purple shoes deserve to have their picture taken with Savannah cobblestones.

Maybe next time I'll blog as we go and take y'all along with me. Provided there are no decadently warm mornings for biking, dolphins playing at sunset to watch or seashells perfectly pierced for beads to gather....

September 30, 2009

A Quick Bit of Conversation

{image from sun_star_n_moon}

First off, it tickled me to pieces that more than a few of you participated in the recent sidebar poll. Thanks! We should do that again sometime. 

Second, you might have noticed the lack of QueSara entries on your reader. Have you? From the very beginning, Laura has never gotten my updates, and due to the number of followers vs the number of comments, I'm thinking that happens to you too! It's really bugging me, and I can't get a scrap of help from the Blogger people, so...

I'm thinking of changing hosts. To SquareSpace maybe. Or a fresh new Blogger. What do you think?

Anywhoo, it's high time for a giveaway round these here parts. More about that when we get back from the beach. 

7 Days/7 Outfits

Rosh Hashanah goal: to put effort into dressing femininely every day.

This was how my first week went.

Chunky knit sweater, thrifted
Belt, Tanner Outlet?
Denim skirt, Gap
Boots, Belks?
Accessory, turquoise bracelet/ring 
Agenda: "Prop Assistant" at ActuallyLaura's SC photoshoot 
Wearability: ****

This top is SO comfortable. Never a big fan of handknit clothing, I now want to copy the pattern and make five. Or six. I think that the beaded bracelet wound into a ring may be my new statement piece too. 

Teal plaid dress, Target
Knit v-neck, ?
Belt, Belks
Canvas ballet flats, Teva (<3!)
Accessory: that bracelet/ring again
Agenda: ?
Wearability: ****

First time "remixing" this dress as a skirt/blouse.

Pink tank, Jockey
Blue striped shirt, Bitten
Capris, Belks?
Rain boots
Accessory: brass layered necklace, AE
Agenda: warm rainy day at home, walking dogs
Wearability: ***

Weird outfit. Also, new shampoo making my hair unmanageable.

Gray square-neck blouse, thrifted
Striped vest, inherited
Khaki skirt, Bullwinkles
Brown mules, Belks
Agenda: grocery shopping
Wearability: **

One of the blah-est outfits I have ever worn. People were unusually pleasant to me this day though. Perhaps because I looked homeless?

White tank, Belks
White sweater, Gap
Khaki capris, 
Purple flipflops, Old Navy
Agenda: helping transport Belle-the-Doberman 
Wearability: ***

Yeah, didn't plan for Belle's transport, but notice! Picture taken afterwards and no major damage! That doggie is a sweetheart.

Magenta tank, Eddie Bauer?
Pink cropped sweater, Old Navy
Western-inspired belt, ?
Denim skirt, Eddie Bauer?
Sandals, SAS
Agenda: DMV road test, household chores
Wearability: ****

While not entirely flattering to my shape, this outfit felt pretty to wear!

Black tee, AE
Floral dress, Belks
Jeans, Eddie Bauer
Tennis shoes, Lands End
Agenda: Nephew's jungle themed 1st b-day party
Wearability: **

I must love him or something. I wish this dress were more wearable, because the artwork on it is just my cup of tea! Japanese primroses, anyone? Next time, if there is a next time, colorful tee a MUST.

September 18, 2009

Vote for Little Bitsy!

Hey guys! Time for a doggy promo. Would you like to help dogs like Charley (the Shepherd I posted about yesterday)? Sometimes all it takes is a click...

"Friends and Family,

My fellow REALTORS with Steve Owen and Associates are helping us raise money in order to receive funds to create a non-profit organization to further help our efforts in animal rescue. This will allow us to have fund raisers, accept donations that are tax deductible for the donors, to apply for grant money, to pull animals from the shelters and do so much more to help our abused, thrown away, neglected, abandoned, unloved, sick animals. It will be called the Charlie Powers Memorial Animal Rescue in honor of my father who loved and cared for animals his entire life and taught me to do the same by his example.It has been a labor of love for me to rescue and help the animals for almost 50 years.

Please take a few seconds each day to click on the following link and vote for Little Bitsy. You will only have to register to vote the first time. You can vote everyday. Each new week begins on Sunday and continues until end of October. Let's help her win so she can help the other dogs and cats that have not yet been rescued.

If you would like to make a donation to assist with the estimated cost of $3,000 to create our non profit status, please make your checks (if we raise more than needed for 5013c, all donations will be used for welfare and rescue of the animals) out to:

Charlie Powers Memorial Animal Rescue
% Evelyn Bridges
226 Panther Gap Road
Brevard, NC 28712"

(She's already in the top 30! Let's help Bitsy get to the TOP!)

September 17, 2009


I admit it. I'm a Posie Gets Cozy dork. Aren't you? Gorgeous Oregon, scrumptious stories, delicious photographs, lovable CloverMeadow the Corgi, recipes to die for - all spread with a delightful array of handicraft goodness and vintage homeyness. (Yes, that is a word. Apparently. Safari didn't correct me!)  She has a perfect way of putting things that I can only aspire to reach one day... There are always so many comments on her blog that I always feel a little shy, throwing in my two cents. But I did, the other day, because Laura and I saw an apron in a movie that reminded us of hers.... 

Imagine my absolute bliss when I spied THIS on my blog guest list:

From From Portland, OR? And on a Mac?? That has GOT to be Alicia Paulson herself!!! A Posie spotting! On my blog!

So, thank you for visiting, Alicia. I hope that you saw something that you liked. I'm so glad you came - it made my day. :)

Heart: Stolen

Sometimes one of the shelter dogs just steals your heart.... This fluffy old German Shepherd gets to me this week. He has a touch of old 'arthur' and paws the size of baseballs. It doesn't help that he takes treats and has a bark like my old Collie-girl. We call him Charley

September 15, 2009

Mountain State Fair 2009

{We rode the ferris wheel!! Not sure if I took this picture or not...Laura, Daddy and I kept trading the camera back and forth. Yes, even at the tippity-top. Don't you love the colors?}

{View from the ferris wheel! The grounds didn't look nearly as crowded as they felt and the mountains suddenly took center stage.}

{My three favorite parts of the fair are... 1: the cut flowers.}

{Especially this gorgeous shell pink dahlia touched with amethyst.} 

{2: the food. The apple lady has the most wonderful fritters!}

{Next door to the apple lady is the maple sugar cotton candy stand. Yes. Maple Sugar Cotton Candy. It's like dying and going to heaven!}

{And most of all...3: the animals have always been a fair highlight for me! This picture is by Actually Laura. My intentions were to go Roz Wound Up style and take leisurely sketches of the piglets and Brahman bulls - even had sketchpad in tote - but the whole big fair experience swept me away!}

So do you have a fair? Is it a state thing, a county thing...or a strange regional-pretending-to-be-state thing like ours? Does it have llamas? What's your favorite fair food? And did you get to see the human cannonball?  (We missed him by a flash!)

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