September 30, 2009

7 Days/7 Outfits

Rosh Hashanah goal: to put effort into dressing femininely every day.

This was how my first week went.

Chunky knit sweater, thrifted
Belt, Tanner Outlet?
Denim skirt, Gap
Boots, Belks?
Accessory, turquoise bracelet/ring 
Agenda: "Prop Assistant" at ActuallyLaura's SC photoshoot 
Wearability: ****

This top is SO comfortable. Never a big fan of handknit clothing, I now want to copy the pattern and make five. Or six. I think that the beaded bracelet wound into a ring may be my new statement piece too. 

Teal plaid dress, Target
Knit v-neck, ?
Belt, Belks
Canvas ballet flats, Teva (<3!)
Accessory: that bracelet/ring again
Agenda: ?
Wearability: ****

First time "remixing" this dress as a skirt/blouse.

Pink tank, Jockey
Blue striped shirt, Bitten
Capris, Belks?
Rain boots
Accessory: brass layered necklace, AE
Agenda: warm rainy day at home, walking dogs
Wearability: ***

Weird outfit. Also, new shampoo making my hair unmanageable.

Gray square-neck blouse, thrifted
Striped vest, inherited
Khaki skirt, Bullwinkles
Brown mules, Belks
Agenda: grocery shopping
Wearability: **

One of the blah-est outfits I have ever worn. People were unusually pleasant to me this day though. Perhaps because I looked homeless?

White tank, Belks
White sweater, Gap
Khaki capris, 
Purple flipflops, Old Navy
Agenda: helping transport Belle-the-Doberman 
Wearability: ***

Yeah, didn't plan for Belle's transport, but notice! Picture taken afterwards and no major damage! That doggie is a sweetheart.

Magenta tank, Eddie Bauer?
Pink cropped sweater, Old Navy
Western-inspired belt, ?
Denim skirt, Eddie Bauer?
Sandals, SAS
Agenda: DMV road test, household chores
Wearability: ****

While not entirely flattering to my shape, this outfit felt pretty to wear!

Black tee, AE
Floral dress, Belks
Jeans, Eddie Bauer
Tennis shoes, Lands End
Agenda: Nephew's jungle themed 1st b-day party
Wearability: **

I must love him or something. I wish this dress were more wearable, because the artwork on it is just my cup of tea! Japanese primroses, anyone? Next time, if there is a next time, colorful tee a MUST.

1 comment:

Reborn said...

The 2nd and last outfits are my faves. Why the 2 wearability stars for your last outfit? It looks super awesome and appears to be comfy?? I laughed out loud and have to agree with you about Wednesday's outfit. ;)

Love the different belts around your enviably tiny waist! Too cute.


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