September 12, 2009

Knotted Hobo Bags

Inspired by the breezy, colorful bags I've seen tossed over the shoulder of every teenage fashionista in town, I set out in search of a tutorial to make my own. The one I found from LivingCreatively was just what I was looking for! My appreciate for all things versatile made this right up my alley. No seams! No cutting! And when you're through, a perfectly usable scarf still intact. I knotted up four in a jiffy.

{My favorite! Scarf from Tzinus.}

{A pareo makes an odd shape.}

{Smaller, I think the way the pattern  made a border on this one is cool.}

{ Second favorite - itty bitty bandanna bag with chunky nautical chain necklace as handle. <3!}

Being from delicate fabrics, they all fall rather limp when put to use, but I surely see myself taking one or two of these along when we visit the beach next month! Next month? Goodness, is it autumn already?

{Behold Anthropologie's one oh-so-similar!)


Melissa M. said...

I like the first one a lot. :)

Reborn said...

This is super cool and thrifty! Thanks for the link!

Miss Breezy Tulip said...

Thanks for posting this! Boy do I like bags...and these are so nifty!

BTW, you had commented awhile back about prayer journals...I usually pick a few verses from my morning reading, copy them in my journal, the pray through it, writing it down.



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