September 17, 2009


I admit it. I'm a Posie Gets Cozy dork. Aren't you? Gorgeous Oregon, scrumptious stories, delicious photographs, lovable CloverMeadow the Corgi, recipes to die for - all spread with a delightful array of handicraft goodness and vintage homeyness. (Yes, that is a word. Apparently. Safari didn't correct me!)  She has a perfect way of putting things that I can only aspire to reach one day... There are always so many comments on her blog that I always feel a little shy, throwing in my two cents. But I did, the other day, because Laura and I saw an apron in a movie that reminded us of hers.... 

Imagine my absolute bliss when I spied THIS on my blog guest list:

From From Portland, OR? And on a Mac?? That has GOT to be Alicia Paulson herself!!! A Posie spotting! On my blog!

So, thank you for visiting, Alicia. I hope that you saw something that you liked. I'm so glad you came - it made my day. :)

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