September 30, 2009

A Quick Bit of Conversation

{image from sun_star_n_moon}

First off, it tickled me to pieces that more than a few of you participated in the recent sidebar poll. Thanks! We should do that again sometime. 

Second, you might have noticed the lack of QueSara entries on your reader. Have you? From the very beginning, Laura has never gotten my updates, and due to the number of followers vs the number of comments, I'm thinking that happens to you too! It's really bugging me, and I can't get a scrap of help from the Blogger people, so...

I'm thinking of changing hosts. To SquareSpace maybe. Or a fresh new Blogger. What do you think?

Anywhoo, it's high time for a giveaway round these here parts. More about that when we get back from the beach. 

1 comment:

Reborn said...

I've never heard of SquareSpace...? What do you think about Wordpress? I'm considering moving there myself.


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