September 15, 2009

Mountain State Fair 2009

{We rode the ferris wheel!! Not sure if I took this picture or not...Laura, Daddy and I kept trading the camera back and forth. Yes, even at the tippity-top. Don't you love the colors?}

{View from the ferris wheel! The grounds didn't look nearly as crowded as they felt and the mountains suddenly took center stage.}

{My three favorite parts of the fair are... 1: the cut flowers.}

{Especially this gorgeous shell pink dahlia touched with amethyst.} 

{2: the food. The apple lady has the most wonderful fritters!}

{Next door to the apple lady is the maple sugar cotton candy stand. Yes. Maple Sugar Cotton Candy. It's like dying and going to heaven!}

{And most of all...3: the animals have always been a fair highlight for me! This picture is by Actually Laura. My intentions were to go Roz Wound Up style and take leisurely sketches of the piglets and Brahman bulls - even had sketchpad in tote - but the whole big fair experience swept me away!}

So do you have a fair? Is it a state thing, a county thing...or a strange regional-pretending-to-be-state thing like ours? Does it have llamas? What's your favorite fair food? And did you get to see the human cannonball?  (We missed him by a flash!)

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