October 22, 2009

New Journal

The new journal I bought at E. Shavers in Savannah. 

Isn't it the most decadently beautiful thing you've ever seen? 
And it feels so soft! I still haven't brought myself to write in it yet. A journal like this deserves great thoughts (and a good pen). 

Dear God, please bless me with great thoughts (and a good pen)?


~Barb~ said...

A journal that's almost to delicious to write in, huh? LOL I often have to remind myself that "it's just paper, Barb" in order to dive into my journal(s) and write and create. I can see why you're so hesitant, though...it is gorgeous.
Peace & Love,

Kristin said...

Every time I get a new journal, I can hardly stand to write in it, LOL.
Thanks for commenting back on my blog. I really enjoy reading your blog and your sister's blog. =)


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