December 6, 2009

Bit #3 - Bathroom Window Makeover

Soooo....the ratty old blinds in our bathroom have been broken for a long time. Since this picture was taken, one of the lift cords shredded, rendering the whole thing lopsided if you wanted to let any light in at all. We looked around for a replacement, but the hardware store always seemed out of the right size or style, so we lived with it. 

Then I spotted this tutorial and figured "what do we have to lose"? It looked easy enough to turn our grimy, tattered blinds into a beautiful Roman Shade....

Sure, it calls for an existing lift cord, but threading a bit of yarn (yes yarn...) through the header was not TOO hard. Pulling up diagrams for the repair work made me feel like a little grease monkey! In a very, very...small, blind-repair sort of way.... sorta. We had some muslin in the stash and a new bottle of fabric glue in the drawer. A fancy new shade was done zipzipzip! (Note: fabric glue is aaaawwwwwessome.)

My triumph was short-lived. The lift cord snapped. Again. We are blaming it on some faulty rollers in the heading. 

Still, with the help of a spare piece of muslin, the desired Roman Shade was transformed into a dainty sort of ribbed valance. SO MUCH BETTER! (Excuse the cluttered toilet top - I was deciding between the wider tie or two narrow lace ones... Also - that tiny picture on the ribbon is one of my travel journals! Easy, huh?)

1 comment:

Melissa M. said...

That's so pretty! You did a great job!


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