December 23, 2009

Wilson's Sweater (And a Bowtie)

{Inspired by Bentley's sweater...}

Wilson's new sweater is made from the sleeve of a felted sweater from the thrift store. The shoulder folds around his neck like a shawl collar. A section cut from the other sleeve makes the strap around his underbelly (edges covered with an overlock stitch). 

He liked it the minute the sweater came out of the scrap basket! 

Which is good...because the bowtie I was making him...didn't really show with all his fluff.

So the girls can have it.

They don't look all too thrilled about it, do they?

These canine fashions may be a bit silly, but after working on them, I am feeling much more confident that I can sew and make things fit. Maybe next, something for human proportions?

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