December 15, 2008

Soul Journaling pt 5

(An unprompted page inspired by my first time at the polls. There was a cat there!)

(Misfits. Mine are decidedly unscary. Which is less so: the hula dancing circus seal or the unicycling rooster?)

(Prompted self portrait. For a finger painting, I think it's pretty swell! Well...reasonably so. When did I get a beauty mark??)

(Table of Contents collage page - [yes, I'm awesome like that.] Very uninspired, except for the Pocket made with Laura's quilting scraps and some masking tape! I LOVE it and intend to make similar ones in the fronts of all my future journals. I'm always sticking receipts and clippings, etc. inside - now they have a home and will not fall out whenever I build up the courage to write in public!)
And that's the end of that. I'm not sure where my next journal is going...we'll see!

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