October 30, 2008

Let's go to the quarry!

I can't seem to gather my wits about me to make all the posts this month has inspired. (Those wits are always jumping up and running every which-a-way on me!)

So, dipping into iPhoto and seeing what comes up first...
You get to hear all about rocks!

One of my English Gardening School projects had to do with gathering information about all types of hardscaping, so Daddy and I went to scope out the local stone yard.

I thought it was cool.

(Taking pictures of the pallets and their little sunbleached tags is as good as taking notes, right?)

Daddy was my hand model for the smaller
 selections. Thank you, Daddy. :)

There are so many types - even locally! Colors and textures reflecting warmth from the sun...even smells good...the quarry dust licking at your heels...misplaced gravel crunching underfoot....

Let me tell you - this is a nice place to be, come a chilly day! (Nice and toasty!)

And in case you didn't think that the piles of fieldstone and flagstone and potatoes wallstone in their tidy wire cradles were not pretty...

Art is in the stone yard too.

{Hornet's Nest in Concrete Block, unknown}

{Sandman Takes A Break - unknown}

See? What'd I tell you?

(The formatting on this post is driving me bonkers. Hopefully I'll be back to fix it before anyone peeks!)

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