January 7, 2010

On Traveling Light (And Warm)

We made it! We have survived the airport terminals, flown in a plane, been witness to a sweet wedding (love you, Clara and Levi!) and returned safe and sound. Wanting to travel with as little fuss as possible, Laura and I each tried to pack only a carry-on and purse.

It worked.

I was amazed.

In fact, I think there were even a few things in my suitcase that I didn't even pull out!

So this is the grand voice of one-time experience making note of 
How To Pack for 3 Very Cold Days in 1 Very Small Carry-on

{This is what I had planned to wear.} 

At the last minute, after another glance at the weather forecast dipping below the teens, I put a few more layers into the mix (aka - all the warm tops I own), as well as a warm green wool hoodie that Mama and Daddy gave me. Additions and changes are *ed below.

(Flying from Atlanta, Georgia to Omaha, Nebraska)

- CuddleDud thermals
- Yellow henley
- Trouser jeans
- Socks
- Boots
- Wool coat
* Green hoodie
- Orange scarf

(Wedding preparation and rehearsal)

- Wine tneck
* Wine waffle tee
* Trouser jeans
- CuddleDud thermals
- Socks
- Boots

* Red 3/4 sleeve tneck
- Cord skirt
- Tights
- Boots
* Orange scarf

(The wedding!)

- CuddleDud thermal top
- Blue tneck
- Black lacy skirt
- Bow belt
- Black tights
* Black leggings
- Blue flats

(Flying from Omaha, Nebraska to Atlanta, Georgia)

* CuddleDud thermals
* White warm eyelet tee
* Green hoodie
- Trouser jeans
- Orange scarf
- Wool coat
- Socks 
- Boots
* Beret

Everything was warm and comfortable, fitting snuggly into the bag which fit easily into the overhead compartment. The 3-1-1 ziplocs went into the little purple backpack with other essentials and room to spare. I was so thankful for that green hoodie! And for the extra tops...the thermometer dipped below zero more than once! 

We were blessed with good flights and great friends! In fact, I'm looking forward to doing this again...anyone want to get married in say...Maui?

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Keri said...

Hope you had a great trip and stayed warm enough with all those layers!


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