February 23, 2009

Hi dears.

How are you? 

Busy week.

It's nice to have Judy back from the vet's. When did she become such a couch hog??

Just so you know, "Lorna Doone" is impossible to get into.

Helping put really great dogs from our local shelter onto Petfinder is an awesome feeling.

Having an adoption pending on three of the puppies in under 72 hours is even awesomer. 

Watching Kate Winslet on TV is something like watching an old movie in reverse. (She is SO lovely....)

Eli, the resident lop, has been ill. :(

My paperdoll was featured in an Etsy treasury - and then sold! In her first week! Hmm...which doll should I paint next?

Living a prayer tonight and breathing praises. Thank you, dear Lord, for this life!

1 comment:

Reborn said...

CUTE! What a fun idea... now I want to make paperdolls!


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