February 26, 2009

Life in the Doghouse

For a few hours yesterday, we were a 5-dog house. 

How did this happen? Simple enough. This week, we got to work with the local animal shelter, photographing the pups and then putting them online at Petfinder. The results: %100 of the adoptable dogs that week were placed! How wonderful is that?? Of course, we can't take all the credit. Cute puppies help a lot. ;)

There was a family of beagle/dachshunds among the lot. Two of the puppies were adopted right off and while the mum and dad waited for their transport to a foster home, they sat in our den. The third puppy, Ginger, a golden fluffball,  has excited adoptive parents coming to pick her up on Monday. So guess who gets to keep her until then? Yup. You should see me now, Bebe on one side, Judy on the other, little miss Ginger snoozing in her crate just a few feet away.... 

We're a 3-beaglemutt house. And it's pretty awesome.

(This blog will be returning to its regular diet of posies and pretties soon - look for a new foster-blog coming up!)

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