July 18, 2009

Penny Plie

Next to Collies, my next favorite breed is the Corgi (fault laying to Tasha Tudor and Alicia Paulson). Imagine the sad little ker-flop that my heart did to see a beautiful little wheaten corgi mix being carried into the shelter this week. How can people do these things? Knowing that a dog as good as Penny would be adopted in no time flat, we took her home to foster before she even made it through the door. 

Sure enough, here it is Saturday and her new parents are coming tomorrow. She loves them already and will be so content to have a home of her own again!

About the picture, I've been meaning to experiment with doggie portraits for a while now. Our aunt gave us a big bag of matting scraps that seemed to just call for a touch of acrylics. The medium was new to me, except for murals, stenciling etc, so I was glad to see it work! (I love how Penny's little legs bow together in a ballet plie from the Doxie half of her parentage) Hmmm...who should I try next? Bebe, my favorite model? Roomba, the wide-eyed little beagle getting better on our screened porch?

What strange lesson is the Lord leading me in with both collies and corgyn to pass through in one month?

1 comment:

Miss Breezy Tulip said...

Oh, I like this so much! Very cute, and well done.

RYC: A friend of my parents took it before they had to part for a few months. Mom went to Chicago for college, but came home because she missed Daddy so much! The more recent picture, I took it. But Emily fixed it all up. ;)


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