September 18, 2008

Beautiful Blue: Around The House

Perhaps I was too harsh saying "I hate blue." These next few posts are to prove to myself what a really lovely color blue is...

Beautiful blue is the sky, yesterday.

Beautiful blue is the little ship of forget-me-nots on my sidebar. (Over there -->)

Beautiful blue are our bathroom tiles. (Seriously! They're perfect. I could gush on for decades about how bright, cheerful and utterly relaxing these tiles are. In fact, I probably will. Future children, prepare yourselves.)

Beautiful blue is my inkwell from Stonewall Jackson's gift store. Or rather...the gift store that is in his house these days.

Beautiful blue is this bag, waiting on the bed for a rush to the delivery room. (The New Nephew Countdown begins!)

Beautiful blue are these pillowcases.

Beautiful (barely) blue is this flea market chandelier.

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