September 10, 2008

County Fair Roses

This is our first fall in a new county in a loooong while. It's fair week here and we spent Sunday evening exploring our new autumn playground. Besides the sparkly rides, the Brahman bull, the llamas, the baby goats, the boxing kangaroos...I loved the roses.

A whole towering booth of roses!

In coke bottles. The whole area smelled sweet. I hovered there for a solid ten minutes, trying to take in the beauty of each blossom, feeling a little weak at the knees. Roses do that to me. 

Miniature arrangements are cute too. As are mushroom displays, which I forgot to get a picture of.

I had a caramel apple! (Looking slightly Nimmish here...)

And ate it while admiring the Redwood Log House. Now there's a cozy trailer for you!

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