September 10, 2008

News From The "Yarden"

The cosmos are tall, fluffy and blooming! Not prolifically, as you can see, but they make me happy. I'm really fond of the feathery foliage too.

Fringing around them (everywhere that I didn't scratch up for seeds - what else could we be missing?) are these vivid red cardinal flowers. I'm guessing, but it sounds right. Checking...yes, that's the right name. And no wonder lobelia kept coming to mind! The Latin name is Lobelia cardinalis.

More crazy spider/surprise lilies, this time in red with seriously fancy stamens going on.

That's all for now! Just don't forget about Actually Laura's Free Blog Makeover!

1 comment:

Mary Elise said...

I've got to go on that side of the house more often. These are gorgeous! Great pictures also.



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