August 18, 2009

{Rutherford B. Hayes and his bride Lucy on their wedding day}

  March  16, 1853.-On the 14th, Rutherford and I had our daguerreotypes taken. No difficulty in getting pictures to suit us. The large one is for ourselves, that as old age draws on we might see what we once were. Rutherford has that expression I love to see. 'Tis a mixed one, love, happiness, and a tinge of pride - enough to give a noble, manly air. And he seems to have just said, "This is my wife." How dearly I will prize this pic- ture. It will always bring sweet memories. And whatever shall be our lot, may he retain that look. It is a speaking one, but I cannot tell all it shows. To me the greatest and best expression is only love. I am pleased with mine. It has rather a meek, subdued air, clinging to its only support,-remove that and it will droop.  -From the Hayes journals. 

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Melissa M. said...

How interesting! She's actually almost smiling in the pic, too. :)


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