August 23, 2009


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Dear friends,
I haven't sat down and told you how much of a blessing CollegePlus! has been. In the four (!!?) months since we started, I've been able to earn 21 college credits and am only 2 1/2 CLEPs away from finishing freshman year. Working with my coach has been a wonderful experience...the set up there has been great for me, since I'm sort of a self-starter who needs one-on-one attention to keep going. It is a real blessing to be able to do this at home, where I can still be with my family.  It's college, just home-style. :)

If it's something that you've been considering, I'd encourage you to enroll soon. (Before September 30th would be lovely because I might win a MacBook then. That would mean more blog posts and comments for all - and every one likes that, right? ;D)

Please do use this Code: 5134


Shawn said...


Thanks for giving CollegePlus! a shout out on your blog. We're glad you've joined the program and are making progress with your degree.

Have a great day!

Shawn Cohen, CollegePlus! PR

Reborn said...

This sounds really interesting. Do you have any idea if CollegePlus is useful for those who have already taken college courses elsewhere? My husband and I are both more than halfway through our bachelor's, but the prohibitive expense has kept us from finishing. (We're determined not to go into debt.)

sara said...

Shawn, glad to be with CollegePlus!

Reborn, here's a page from CollegePlus! that talks about previous credits:
If you could finish up with CLEP/DANTES tests (and debt-free!), that would be awesome! Let me know how it goes.


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