March 16, 2009

Boots? Flats? Sweater??

Don't you hate it when, for once, you know exactly what you want to wear...and it's about a season off? Please tell me this happens to you too! Rainy springs always throw me for a loop. Speaking of what to wear, I've really enjoyed reading the Modest Fashion Week over at SAHMissionary. Go check out the nifty Polyvore outfits the ladies there have pieced together! 

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Reborn said...

I pretty much dress the same year-round-- in layers. I just add a coat and boots in the wintertime. All throughout the spring, summer, and fall, I usually wear at least two or three lightweight layers. Even in the summertime I find myself to be chilly nearly ANYTIME I enter a building since the general population likes to keep the thermostat hovering just above freezing. Thus I rarely leave the house without a sweater of some sort in tow.

We have wildy fluctuating temperatures and weather around here, going outside means having to be prepared for anything! Clothing layers can be annoying, but I'm pretty much used to them by now.


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