March 6, 2009

What's Your Style?

{Nantucket Style}
According to Sproost,  my style is...

50% Rustic Revival
25% Hollywood Couture
25% Nantucket Style

I was aiming for more of a vintage modern, but then as I consider exactly what a Rustic Revival with Hollywood and beachy accents would look like, it's not so bad! 

Anyway, because the StyleEngine kept messing up on me a little, I took it again. Now it's... 

67% Cottage Chic
17% Vintage Modern
16% French Eclectic! 

Well, that's more what I expected. But third time's a charm?

40% Cottage Chic
40% Nantucket Style
20% French Eclectic

There. Now we have some overlap anyway!

Have you Sproost?

(Have a happy weekend!)

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