March 18, 2009

Three Things:

One: if you're going to do a hanky wall quilt with good ol' Scotch tape, don't put it over an air vent.

Two: whatever I may have thought of crocuses yesterday as I was regretting the sad, dowdy purple ones from last fall...the white ones that bloomed today wiped the slate clean. There is a powerful pureness to them that just captures you!

Three: I have a $20 gift certificate for Boden. I think I'd like a top or sweater. What do you think I should get??


Miss Breezy said...

Thanks for #1; I'll try to remember that. ;)


Reborn said...

LOL @ number one! :D I totally feel ya because I'm such a lazy decorator myself. Frankly, when things fall apart (as they always do) it's actually kind of fun... because then I have to create something NEW.


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