June 7, 2009

Another Month

I just uploaded another month's worth of 365photos to my  Flickr.

See that last pic? That's Jiminy Cricket. He's here until next weekend. He's squirming in my lap. Making it quite difficult to type. 

Hoping you had a blessed weekend!

(LOL! The puppy is watching the words go across the screen. Make that was. Now he's chewing on my journal. Silly puppy. I'm going to take him outside to have some fun now.)


1 comment:

Simply Vintagegirl said...

I enjoyed looking through your pictures! It looks like you have had a lovely year. :)

As to our strawberries, they are in "raised" beds. We've never covered them with a net. In the past they have been much more buggy, but this year we don't have as many bugs anywhere (nor did we cover the bed with straw like we have in the past). The bugs do munch on them a bit, but we cut that part out (or we throw them out if they've eaten a lot). I've heard that they don't have a good crop until the second year.


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