June 9, 2009

Where's a pen?

[above picture from Alinamation - the girl reminds me of ActuallyLaura!]

Blogs that have been inspiring me this week:

So then I drew a butterfly! Now I get what she meant by "make sure that you start with a good sketch".... ;) The acrylics were really fun to work with in my journal...will have to try that again!

I love taping special notes and cards into my journal. Do you ever do that? (I've skewed the address here - Mary Alice really has lovely handwriting! Just wanted to make that clear. :) )

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Simply Vintagegirl said...

You did a lovely job on the butterfly - aren't butterflies amazingly beautiful! There was a time when we had Charlie that Momma took him outside and they were watching the butterflies. A butterfly fluttered by Charlie's face so he bit it. Momma told him no and he opened his mouth and the butterfly flew out of his mouth and away, unharmed. What a funny doggy he was! Whenever I visit your blog, things pop up that remind me of Charlie. Such sweet memories!

Joyfully in Christ,
Miss Emily Rose


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