June 1, 2009

Musing in Color

Yes, I am addicted to photo collages, thank you for asking. :)

As the 3rd project of my English Gardening Course is working out, I thought having a visual picture of some of our ideas would be a good idea. Turned out that I have a more distinct picture of what I want in my head than I thought! And that it's very hard to find someone else's photograph to fit the one in my head.... This collage, for instance, turned out far more rustic than I imagined. Hmm...

Anyway, no one tell Daddy about the bamboo. I'd put it in pots! Promise! :D

1 comment:

Mary Elise said...

I love your blog Sara. And I love the kitchen in Ms. Pettigrew and I love the cornflowers and you forgot to not tell ME about the bamboo. Pots may be a good thing.



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