June 15, 2009

Collie Love

I love collies.

One showed up this week in the shelter. We whisked her right home and alerted the Collie Rescue of the Carolinas. Tomorrow we drive her to meet them. It's gonna be hard.

There is something about their sweet intelligent faces always looking out for you...their fluffy elegant manes...their love for work and readiness to learn. Their hardy spirit wraps up adventure and home all in one. They're very American (Lassie, anyone?), but like me, they've been here a long time and trace their roots back to old country, Scotland mostly. So expressive and patient!

(Are the vintage pics in here not the best? That's a way to perk up a day! Look up 'vintage collies' on Flickr.) 

You see, my first (and only, in fact!) dog was a collie. That's us playing in the leaves. Her name was Essie (Esther) and she was our nanny-dog. 

So when a dog like MaKayla comes along, it's hard to let her go.

It's reminded me...of how much a collie completes a girl like me. 

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