June 25, 2009

Our Dogz

{I posted this on a forum just now and it came to me - this should be on my blog too! So, just in case you've been wondering....}

{picture by ActuallyLaura}

I don't have a dog of my own, but these are our three pups.

Judy, the tiny beagle was our little heartworm foster patient. When she first came to us, her nose was pink from running through frozen brush and she was a 'statue dog'. Where ever you put her, she stayed. Now she runs to greet us, ears a-flyin'. Loves: watching tv on her sofa, FOOOOOOOD! and chewing homework. Hates: squeaky toys and slow cooks.

Wilson, the purebred Aussie Terrier is the newest addition (about a month?). Another failed foster. Loves: traveling, squeaky toys, his teddie and following you everywhere. Hates: tight places and being left alone.

Bebe, the sharpei/beagle is our beautiful queen bee! She's been Laura's dog since she was the size of a chipmunk. She has the funniest bark! She also thinks that she has long wavy blond hair, like my collie Essie who "raised" her. Mirrors are a terrible let-down. Loves: cuddles, singing while Laura practices piano, and being the official greeter. Hates: having to sit in the floor, eating vegetables and fostering dogs bigger than she is. Especially puppies. It's just wrong.

We love our doggies!

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