November 5, 2008

Sara the Cardmaker

As my stationary supplies were running rather low and I had a letter to write, I decided to make the card myself. And (thanks to the soul journaling pages, I think!) it turned out pretty well for a first (well, fresh) try!

(Paper: salvaged Fanny Farmer cookbook, old scrapbooking g/w  checks. Art: salvaged nursery rhyme book. Not acid free here! Embroidery floss, German initial ribbon. )

The ribbon is from this lovely German 'chewing-gum' pack that my Mama surprised me with. Since Sarah and I have the same initials, I had to share some! :) (Hopefully she won't visit here until her letter arrives. ;) )

I think that a Card Day each month would be a good idea, to stock up our writing desks and save some lovely green stuff. Would any one like to join me?

(Now that I have pictures up, the card does look pretty wonky. Still, good for a first/fresh try!)

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