November 16, 2008

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit (And His Quilt)

There was a notice in the newspaper last week about the "Make A Blanket Week" for Project Linus. All Laura (that's my sister) and I had to do was go to a church right down the street and pick up a free kit.
As most of the fabrics are are donated, we were afraid that the prints were going to be pretty cheesy. Among the herds of cattle (seriously - cattle print!) and 80's florals, I picked out a Beatrix Potter baby kit. (Laura got this super duper cute dalmatian/plaid kit. Read about it here. Oh, wait, she hasn't posted it yet! Well, read about it there soon, anyway. ;) )

I love Beatrix Potter, but I don't know that I'll ever use them in a quilt of my own, so this was a fun opportunity. The binding was some that we had in the closet. Also - a word about flannel backings. Awesome soft, but I'm very glad that this one needed to be washed because it shrunk like crazy! If you ever do a Project Linus comforter/quilt, wash and trim first. The top and the bottom are not necessarily the same size.

Lots of lovin' and prayin' and stitchin'.

Finished up just the night before (adding seed stitch finales to the swirls because things just didn't feel stuck together enough).  There were some super yummy refreshments at the church where everyone returned their projects and a lady told a few stories about the children that our blankets would be going to. Overall, it was a really fun project, I want to do it again and so should you!

(This post has me all nostalgic about watching 'The Tailor of Gloucester" over and over again every winter. Oh, how I loved those little sewing miceys and their big skirts!)

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