November 26, 2008

Wordcount Wednesday

This is the last Wednesday of Nanowrimo and I am glad. Maybe it's the (fading!) cold speaking. Maybe I really need an outline of some sort to make it sanely over the finish line. Maybe it's knowing that there is fresh cornbread dressing in the fridge downstairs - patient, crumbly, buttery, sage-y goodness.

Wordcount? 42,737. I'd really like to have 45K before all the relatives arrive. Dr. Wicked's Write or Die is my friend.

Excerpt? Meh. This far in, things are lucky to get spelled 'tairs' and 'he' instead of 'the'. (Also, I want to know when the sinister hotel manager got so attractive? This comes of seeing too many Paul Newman pictures!)

(Okay, well not this side of him - but I love these goofy poses!! <3)


~Barb~ said...

Congrats for making it through the month and making great progress. I love the Paul Newman photos...especially seeing him goofy since it makes him real like the rest of us.
Peace & Love,

sara said...

Well, I haven't made it quite through yet, but will you keep those congratulations warm in the Crock-pot until Sunday? Just sixish thousand more words to go! :D

Goofy pictures of classic movie stars are like treasures. I love seeing them too!


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