November 16, 2008

Wordcount Wednesday

While I was at my sister's, I fell a little behind on my word count and told Nephew #1 (he's 8 and just beginning to get this reading/writing thing) that I couldn't come play video games until I finished my words.

A: I know some words! How many do you need?
S: Two hundred.
A: ...I don't know that many words.

But it was so sweet of him to offer! And while we're talking about it, let me tell you, that kid can tell a story! He told me a full epic series about some guy and his spaceship (which kept breaking) fighting off whole armies of aliens and robots. I loved the ending where the guy goes through several battles, fighting left and right (complete with hand-planes!) and then comes home to crash right on the landing pad...and no one ever knew he had done anything. I thought it was pretty funny. Maybe while he's here for Thanksgiving I can copy down one of his stories, just like my aunt used to do for me!

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