August 12, 2008

A Lady of 1839

I had SO much fun piecing together this paperdoll from Edith Flack Ackley's Paper Dolls, Their History, And How To Make Them. My sweet mama gave me a copy a few weeks ago and I've been drooling over the old illustrations.

It is wildly different than the paperdolls my sister and I drew every summer. For one thing, the dress is made of tissue paper and gathered with needle and thread.

Playing milliner was especially fun. :) No, no, it wasn't. Those tiny flowers can be ridiculiously sticky, and it took several tries to figure out what Mrs. Ackley meant with the rear fold. But "milliner" sounds so nice. :)

I really like the way she looks in front of this watercolor by my aunt Mishelle. Like a Southern Belle wandering around under pink weeping cherries. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon before lounging on the front porch with sweet tea and divinity.

She needs a name: a good, sweet, sorter elergant name. Like Sophie or Susanna or Clementine.

Any suggestions? :)


Martha said...

She is lovely! Your mom is so proud of you, she invited us to come and visit and have a peek (on the EFA board). You did a beautiful job. I had not heard of this book. I love EFA cloth dolls, they are so delicate and dainty. Hope you make more!

sara said...

Aww...thank you for the comment!

EFA dolls (and books) are so lovely! These paper dolls have just the right amount of sewing for me. ;) I hope to make more too! There's a little girl with a cape...

Mary Elise said...

I think she's just darling!

And she has a place on my buffet for as long as she wants.

You are such an inspiration. I've got to start working on my dolls again.


sara said...

I think she likes living on the buffet. Lots of tea things there. :)

Thank you for the book and for the comment, Mama!


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