August 25, 2008

Soul Journaling

It all started when Laura got a tin (!!) of watercolor crayons at Michaels. The excitement was infective, and I got caught up in googling anything related to watercolor crayons, which led me here. Oooh! Art journaling! I used to try that! Tutorials, videos! This is just what I was looking for.... From a link from a link from there I happily stumbled into the secret garden of Soul Journaling, a series of visual journaling "assignments". They are just the key to breaking out of my pale, lined journal and into something friendlier.

And so (if Blogger would get a move on with uploading the pictures)...

Day 1:

Boy, this was fun! I had dictionary, cookbook and Jane Austen pages on reserve to use. After using so many words lately (part of why I've been avoiding paper journaling in general) it was nice to let the printed word speak for me.

Day 2, 3 and 4:

Painting over the journaling was rather shocking, but once the midnight doodling set in, I had loads of fun! (I blurred out my name in the photo. :P) The second page became very dark, but it sort of fit the verse journaled in behind. (Isaiah 50:10).

Day 5 and 6:
I did these last few days in one or two. Finally! Yard sale freebie magazines are put to use! Couldn't bear to cover up the Mansfield Park quotes. They're lovely and I intend to post them later. I like the background on this one. It's rainy here for the first time in weeks. Sort of fits our mood.

For now, I'm off to watch Miss Pettigrew again, girls only.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love this. Lovelovelove! I have a "thing" for art journals, and these pages are absolutely gorgeous and creative.


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