August 19, 2008

Our crape myrtle is finally blooming!

It's a nice hot magenta. We might have guessed from the magenta azaleas, the magenta rhododendrons...some previous owner really liked a nice hot magenta! I'm hoping to tone it down with cooler blues and lavenders come next spring. I was going to go on, but as I was googling for pictures to describe what I'm thinking of, this site came up: Garden Picture Library.


See, now that's a cool garden! But the warmer schemes get me too, hot magenta or no.(Especially when it's done in crisp, cottagey flowers! Or an awesome red window frame. Love those blocky trellises.) The fluffy sunset-colored cloud (bottom) I would seriously love to recreate. Penstemon, rudabekia and solidago, the tags say. Hey - that's goldenrod! And I spy purple coneflower...


Okay - that's it. I'm spending the rest of the day drooling over roses. Why haven't I googled "garden pictures" before now?

Oh yeah, but back to the myrtle. As soon as the blooms...bloomed, its silky bark started to peel off!

Is this normal?? Weird looking, isn't it? Adds a nice exotic texture to the yard!

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