August 22, 2008

Out of the doing and into the done.

Miles of yarn and picked up stitches later. . .(I had counted the gauge entirely wrong and had to add whole inches to either side of the big pieces - hey, it's my first big project!) . . .the bag is finished!

Drying on a cardboard box form:

Felting is so cool! There was a seam here. Do you see a seam? Do you, do you, huh? I am so totally trying this again! Slippers, anyone?

It came out a reasonable size. Handles are a wee bit long, but I'm hoping they'll fit the future owner.

Did I mention that there is a special, not-in-the-book feature in this bag? When it came to picked up stitches, I, um, forgot the sides, so my brilliant mommy tucked the extra inside and we have an interior pocket!


Mary Elise said...

I want to do slippers! And a hat!


abigailrose said...

Wow - you did an awesome job on this, Sara! It came out gorgeous. Now I know it's a diaper bag, but it just gave me a mental image of a crisp fall day, a pashmina wound around my neck and a mug of something hot in my hand, sitting in a corner of a cozy coffeehouse, pulling a well-beloved novel from a beautiful felted bag.

Ah, whimsy. ^_^

Eloise said...

Such a cute bag! Nice job. Love how the felting turned out.

sara said...

Mama, I second that motion!

Abby - thanks!'re giving me coffehouse dreams of my own, now. ;)

Eloise, thank you for the comment! :D


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