August 13, 2008

Word Count Wednesday

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,026 / 25,000

In the 10 thousands! Yoohoo!

It is getting harder to pick an excerpt for two reasons:
a. 2nd week tends toward writing, just for the sake of wordcount, which deteriorates the quality. :(
b. The plot thickens. Paragraphs get lost and out of place on their own. Poor wittle paragraphs...

A flashback:

All the trees
had bark too thick,
the soft barn wood
was just the trick.
I giggled and scratched
my imaginary beau's
initial alongside
mine (with a backwards
L, that always gave me trouble
- the ballet teacher abandoned
the old "L is for left"
routine with me
and just slathered
both rights in red paint.)

If David had seen it,
he would have been mad.
Not only that -
but he would have told
Mrs. Pritcherd so,
standing barefoot on those
smooth wood floors,
akimbo and a hand
in either pocket.
(he took on a Huckleberry
Finn guise in those days,
though I wouldn't let him
wear the ragged hat)


Just D.

Maddie refused
to do hers too
- it looked so deep,
so big, so bad.
Well fine.
- That proved her love
was not as deep or true
as mine and David's
and to make it up,
she would have to
serve the tea.

(Maddie and I
always had tea
in the hemlocks
at two o clock
on Wednesday
served from an old
tin pitcher with sides
of scarlet bean blossoms
for our hors d'oeuvres.
The dogs would
never partake
and this irritated us
to no end.
The dogs replied
that David and Steve
didn't have to drink their tea.
They had the excuse
of being invisible,
we said, adjusting
our cinnamon fern
feathers. Dogs, however
were entirely real
and must not be rude
to their hostesses.
If they were
we would give them a bath.
And we did
In tea.)

Getting decidedly prosy here. :)

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