August 27, 2008

Word Count Wednesday

(Going to the library on a rainy day.)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
21,067 / 25,000

"Weaving around parked cars
and moving vehicles
which honk rudely
as he rodeos a string
of heavy buggies
toward the store.

Heaven help us if he isn't
a grocery cart cowboy.

Every evening, he goes out
and gathers up the herd,
corralling them from the
wild and various places
a grocery cart is apt to wander.

Pushed against the curb,
one leg over a speed bump,
foraging dandelions in the cool
shade at one side of the building,
playing newspaper stand,
leaning sleepily against a lamp post
where the june bugs and bats
begin to gather as the summer sun goes down.

Whooping, he drives the last
of his steers into their fringed cave.
We catch his eye
when he locks them in
and, wiping his hands
on the green twill front of his apron,
comes grinning."

(Check out our new bookshelves. Ingenuity is at work in this new house! :P)

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