January 8, 2009

as we were saying...

This story begins several weeks ago, in the fall, when Laura, our niece De'Anna and me were walking back from the park. We happened upon a little black dog wandering around the streets. He looked old and sick and when we went back to check a while later, he was still there. We took him home and posted flyers all up and down the street. We contacted a local realtor, who has a heart for helping strays and generously offered to take him to a vet, but the little black dog didn't last through the night. About two weeks later, we got a call from the owners. His name was Sonny and he had been very sick for a very long time. 

The experience was wrenching, but inspired us to help other dogs in the future. The realtor promised to write us the next time a fostering opportunity came up and yesterday she did

A Shih Tzu mix named Cammy was in transport (something like an Underground Railroad for dogs) and needed a place to stay for two weeks. This we could do! You can't get too attached in two weeks, right?

There was some drama involved with getting her... (She's already fostered! No, she's adopted! No, they came, they saw, they left) which threw Cammy off the transport and put her on the euthanize list for this afternoon. But now she's safe and by 3 o'clock should be on her way here!

This is her Petfinder page here: Cammy

I'm so excited to help watch this baby until her next transport to a forever home! Anyone need a little dog? (This little dog is going to need a bath! And a bow...)

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