January 15, 2009

Fashion Show: Modest = Easy & Stylish

Especially in the wintertime! Drawing inspiration from the freezing weather and Sundance catalog, this outfit features a chunky knit teal sweater (aunt's hand-me-down, more jewel-toned in person), my favorite winter skirt - a purple/burgundy/nuetralish cord from the Sundance Outlet, textured tights and BareTraps clogs (I still can't get over their cute buckles!).  Peculiar expression spur of the moment. 
While we're on the subject, I knew there was a good reason I'd been taking pics (or asking Laura to) of more interesting outfits lately! Here are some from earlier this year:
Cool brown linen drawstring skirt for summer (J. Crew), striped blouse (BITTEN), super comfy sandals, and a wide headband for color.Trying to figure out someway to wear a bucket hat...warm eyelet tee (Sundance Outlet), wool tweed skirt, belt, tights and those clogs again. Also, Ben Franklin's auto-biography makes for a great accessory. :)
Most unusual combo of the year. ;) I was...inspired? Teal tee (AE), striped blouse worn jacket-style, grey corduroy skirt and more yummy tights.

I do wear pants too - skirts just seem to be the most fun to rearrange in outfits! Modesty is so easily attained. I have piles of catalog and magazine cutouts that demonstrate this - even some that are frum and still super cute! 

Now, go to LikeAWarmCupOfCoffee and see all the other outfits!


Dana said...

luv the linen drawstring skirt! (and the profile pic) :)

Sarah Mae said...

I am seriously lovin' the outfit with the red purse! I am going to copy you! (Well, when I'm not preggo that is!)


Laura said...

Where do you find awesome skirts like that Sara? I have a few cool ones, but can't seem to find any lately. I can't seem to find any clothes that fit my "style" either. Are there particular stores that you usually find stuff?

Shilo said...

Love your sense of style...especially the pic of you next to the barn door!!

Reborn said...

Oooooh! I LOVE the hat and that whole outfit in the hat photo (sorry the hat distracted me!). I love hats but can never find classy hats that I like. Where did you find that one?

Kasey Hunt said...

Love the photography. I like the barn picture . All really cute outfits. You are stylin!!

Simply Vintagegirl said...

Thank you for the comments - they are truly a delight to receive. You and your sister's blogs are such pleasant places to be, very inspirational. Your clothing style is lovely! I really like how your secretary desk turned out, it would be fun to do that sometime . . . that is if I find a desk that I can do it to. ;)

Miss Emily Rose

becca said...

great style and beautiful perspective in your pictures!


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